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This activity is the reverse of abseiling. You climb UP a rope into a tree & then climb down a caving ladder to the ground. We can also continue the activity indoors if the weather is poor outdoors.

This is good for the co-ordination of hands & feet as well as being a challenge.  A special harness is worn & two "Prusik Loops" are attached . One to their waist & one to their foot. Each loop is also attached to the main Kernmantle rope which is secured to the branches of a tree. By sliding each loop in turn up the Kernmantle rope & sitting & standing alternately each person is able to progress upwards.

Our staff are located both on the ground assisting to attach harnesses etc. & one up in the tree. The staff member in the tree secures each student to a Belay rope as they arrive up high and then sees them safely to the ground as they climb down the caving ladder.


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