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This activity takes place on stable Basalt rock in fine weather or will still continue on our special indoor area in inclement weather.

Each group of participants is located at the base of  the rock and to one side so they are not immediately below. The ground around has a gradual slope & does not have any sheer drops.

A full explanation and demonstration takes place before any student participates.

When the activity begins the Instructors will be located at the top of the rock & can supervise closely. Students about to participate are located in an area away from the edge of the rock and this area is roped off.

Harnesses especially made for Abseiling will be used by each participant. They are then attached to a nylon abseil rope with a Figure Eight Descending Device. Also attached will be a Belay (safety) Rope which the Instructor will control. Protective helmets are always worn.

Every encouragement is given to participants to become involved however we will not force individuals.


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